Solid Fuels

Our nets of seasoned logs contain a majority of Hardwoods, this blend means that a fire built with our logs will be easy to light and give off superb heat. No need for a bed of coal to get things burning. No other supplier is able to supply you with such a quality burning experience!

Want to prevent the glass on your solid fuel stove from turning black? Take a look at our guide.


Please remember to consult your stove manufacturer or supplier manual for fuel recommendations or restrictions, before selecting products.




Buy 2 for £28.00. 1 Ton 40 x 25kg £520.00.

Taybrite is a cost-effective and adaptable smokeless fuel which has been specifically designed for use in room heaters, multi-fuel stoves, and boilers.




Buy 2 for £28.00. 1 Ton 40 x 25kg £520.00.

Stoveheat Premium is a well known and reliable alternative to premium anthracite products. It is ideal for use in closed appliances including room heaters, cookers, boilers, and multi-fuel stoves. 

Wildfire - Now Smokeless



Buy 2 for £22.00.
Buy 10 for £110.00 get 1 free! (£10.00/20kg)

1 Ton 50 x 20kg £490.00 (£9.80/20kg)

Wildfire burns with a natural and attractive flame, and with the same glowing intensity of house coal, but lasts much longer. New wildfire now smokeless. 

Premium House Coal



Buy 5 + for £13.50 each (£0.54/kg)

1 Ton 40 x 25kg £490.00 (£12.25 25kg)

Premium quality house coal - Long flame, low ash - Not suitable for burning in Smoke Control Areas.

House Coal Doubles



Buy 2 for £23.00.
Buy 10 for £110.00 get 1 free! (£10.00/20kg)

1 Ton 50 x 20kg £456.00 (£9.12/20kg)

Traditional House Coal is a classic fuel which has been used across the Island for decades, keeping houses warm through even the coldest winters.

Seasoned Logs

1 Net


Prepacked nets of majority hardwood logs. Unlike other suppliers, the logs in our nets have been well seasoned. As a result our logs moisture content is very low.

Blazers Heat Logs

10kg Pack


Buy 10 for £55!

Blazers Fuel Logs give a lovely natural flame in your open fire or wood burning stove, and give off a tremendous amount of heat and produce less tar, which will mean you will have a cleaner chimney!


1 Net


Large Net £7.00

Pre-packed large nets of sticks, the ideal kindling for starting a great fire.

Kiln Dried Logs

22kg avg


Protect your stove with Homefire Premium Hardwood Kiln Dried Logs.